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Dale Abbey

The road in Dale Abbey. Approaching the church in Dale Abbey. The Church and attached house in Dale Abbey. The tiny church at Darley Abbey. The fields near the church in Dale Abbey.

Research has been completed about the HOLLINGWORTH family who lived here.  Of particular  interest are Joseph Hollingworth (born 1748) and Mary Hollingworth (born 1798).

Memorials in Churchyard:

Joseph Hollingworth, died 1821

James Hollingworth, died 1808

Elizabeth Clarke, died 1877

William Hollingworth, died 1836

Samuel Taylor, died  1879

William Hollingworth, died 1874

Thomas Henry Hollingsworth, died 1886

Ann Hollingworth, died 1889

John Porter, died 1843

John Hollingworth, died 1876

Rachel Hollingworth, died 1871

Most of these gravestones have additional family names.  

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A village  some six miles from Derby, the remains of an abbey can be found in this place.

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