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Born in this parish:

Bradwell village St Barnabas Church in Bradwell. Bradwell War Memorial The altar in Bradwell St Barnabas. The view from Bradwell Church. The lane leading to Bradwell Church. Bradwell village. A lane in the village of Bradwell.

Surnames on War Memorial 1914-1919

Ashmore, Bradwell, Dixon, Dobson, Elliott, Eydes, Eyre, Field, Gregory, Hall, Hallam, Hancy, Haslam, Hickinson, Iredale, Lindsey, Maltby, Middleton, perarson, Petty, Pinder, Rogers, Ross, Senior, Simpson, Townsend, Walker, Wood

Henry Thornton Dudley (1845-1903), was vicar of this parish in the 1880s.  

Amy de Brent DUDLEY,  1884

Eleanor Thornton DUDLEY,  28 July 1888

Henry Percy DUDLEY,   1892

Kenneth DUDLEY,   1886

Muriel Dorothy DUDLEY,  1889

Selwyn DUDLEY,   1882

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Bradwell is a village and parish in the Peak District.  

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